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Target Audience

We all have our presenting habits based on the audience that we work with most. Since most of my training recently has been to a technical audience, my main focus is to remind them that a human being uses the … Continue reading

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My son turns 18 today. When children are born, you never imaging that they manage to grow up, yet here he is: 18. He’s of┬ámedium height, but incredibly thin. From the side, he has the thinness of a model’s waist. … Continue reading

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Airplane Trips

The plane comes down to land in this white place. A place I haven’t been in 13 years. This morning, my daughter woke up early to see me off. She built a new sofa so we have more places to … Continue reading

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Stand Tall

Quiet music Heartbeat undertones Soothes frazzled thoughts Calms nerves Mother’s heartbeat Child’s head on chest Safe home So much to hold Heart beats – but not for me No soft chest Tears to hold in Stand tall Hold fast Against … Continue reading

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