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3 reasons I like being a woman in tech

There’s never a line for the bathroom The look of surprise on a guy’s face when you tell him you have an engineering degree You have a purse to hold your screwdrivers and cables.

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White boots, Black boots

Living in South Africa was a social minefield in which I stumbled over many mines without a map. I tried to have conversations with anyone I came into contact with and then the conversations would not happen – or take … Continue reading

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How different

My son graduated from American High School Thursday night. He joined about 420 other students in the middle of the football field – sitting in no particular order so he was another maroon shrouded boy/man in the middle of a … Continue reading

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Counting the cost

It’s been three years since Jamie died. I’ve tried to count the cost of this senseless shooting but the numbers don’t add up. No number begins to reflects the cost to my life in pain and loss. Here’s my short … Continue reading

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