Links I like

Exploring new ideas and concepts keeps life fresh and interesting. And it keeps me growing. Below are a few links to sites which keep me on my toes and books to change your life. Enjoy.

Eric Barker: Distilled ideas on how to have a better life at home and work

Shardul Mehta: Look for how he uses the Business Canvas for product development.

A blog where technology meets marketing

Finding out what ‘s holding you back and the source of your powers are:

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

2 Responses to Links I like

  1. Pith says:

    Hi Pam,
    Nice site you’ve got. How reads the definition of places where one has lived.
    Thank you for the lovely cups you sent. Very applicable.
    In ‘La Licorne’ one finds the history behind the ‘tableau’
    The tousled hair of the lady is painfully contrasting with the deftly styled hair of the maid. Besides she is at her best and storing a garland of flowers in a box. La Licorne holds the banner of the family Le Viste that had the carpets manufactured.
    Soon the canvas opening of the tent will fall so that the lady can dress up. Changing her clothes for what? That’s the big mystery. Visitors can not stop talking about the meaning of the words “À mon seul désir”. Is La Licorne finally coming to rest by laying his head to rest on the virgin’s lap? Romantics hope that the unicorn is going to seduce the virgin. Most likely, however, the Virgin is about to dress in the monastery habit.

    • I’m glad you like the mugs. I have a very long way to go until I’ve written three books like you have. Like the lady, many aspects of our lives remain a mystery regardless of how ‘open’ they seem. Big hugs…

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